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Privacy! Although we don’t set any cookies ourselves it is possible that 3rd parties (paypal) may set some in relation to your purchase. You know that the NSA & GCHQ know that you are reading this though? We have bigger problems than cookies. Cookies. Deal with it, okay? (*sigh* Using the site implies that you consent to our cookie policy of not setting cookies. If you really really really want us to set cookies then I’m sure at some point we will be able to accomodate you). Actually… the above isn’t quite true since we just moved webhosts. We are not storing cookies still but there is one set by the webhost. Although we don’t use it to track, monitor, target, or… well anything really, it just came free with the server!


Eye Wear Africa is thoroughly committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, site visitors and partners. We use the information that we collect to fulfill your product and service orders and to create a more personalised experience. Bambooka will never pass your contact details to a third party unless you want us to do so. We encourage you to ask questions and to be very cautious before you disclose your personal information to others.

Questions regarding this Policy should be directed to our customer service team at the following address:

Eye Wear Africa
23 Kew Road
0203 2741099