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  • Volunteers

    Eyewear Africa is a not-for-profit run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We believe that the world is too much driven by commercial and financial structures, more often than not to the benefit of the select few. If you feel you can contribute and have skills or resources that will help us sell Bambooka eyewear, please do get in touch.

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  • Bambooka Display in Shepherds Bush


    Eyewear Africa has partners dotted across the globe. Small businesses who want to make a difference by supporting our cause, you can support Eyewear Africa in various ways: by stocking and selling our products, by offering promotion or advertising or by supplying us with basic business services such as printing, stationery, courier services etc.

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  • Advocates

    Some people really take our cause to heart and go out of their way to ‘spread the word’ about our quest. If you want to join the likes of Carleen Anderson, & Fred Wesley and have the energy and opportunity to be an influential spokes person for Bambooka, there is an opportunity right here!

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