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Put your hands together for our new brand ambassador and one of the most powerful vocalists today, 2013 Jazz FM UK Vocalist of the Year…


bamboo eyewear Carleen Anderson photo shoot

Carleen photo shoot wearing Bambooka Zambezi


Put your hands together for our new brand ambassador and one of the most powerful vocalists today, 2013 Jazz FM UK Vocalist of the Year, Carleen Anderson.

Bambooka has always been an artistic brand and we have strived to convey this in our brand activity and communication, so, this autumn, it was an honor when one of the most powerful vocalists today, 2013 Jazz FM UK Vocalist of the Year, Carleen Anderson, thought it would be great to respond to our search for a New Advocate to help us spread the word about the good our bamboo eye-wear hope to do for rural South Africa. Carleen Anderson has been a favorite of audiences and fellow artists alike for over two decades:

                “For live performances, you absolutely have to see Carleen Anderson
                 at least 3 times in your life!” (Amy Winehouse)

So surprised were we, that we went out and produced an absolutely unique and exclusive design of bamboo eyewear for her.
Guess what we called it…..yup; “The Carleen Anderson”.  Fitting name, we reckon.

bamboo sunglasses for Carleen Anderson

The Carleen Anderson bamboo sunglasses

As always a light pair of sunglasses, unique and out-of-the-box thin frame design, the lenses held in place with a thin wire over the top, giving it a very extraordinary style to compliment the very extraordinary talent. Of course we had to show the world so we organised a photo shoot with her and the bamboo sunglasses.  It was also an honor to take pictures our Advocate on the beautiful sands of Frensham in Farnham, photography was courtesy of Serena Marinelli, an outstanding Italian photographer. We were also lucky that she agreed to an interview and saying a few words on why she believed in our mission…amazing i’nt she?

Carleen anderson photo shoot by Serene Marinelli for Bambooka

Carleen wearing the Carleen Anderson sunglasses. Photo by Serena Marinelli

Carleen Anderson in the Bambooka interview

Our interview with the God-daughter of soul.

Carleen Anderson photo shoot and interview for Bambooka

Having a chat with Jolyon and Stevie (Bambooka Creative Dept.) in front of Tom (Cameraman).

Carleen Anderson was born in Houston, Texas and reared up on the sounds rooted in Gospel music inherited from the Pentecostal church where the pastor, David Anderson, Sr., her paternal Grandfather, and her Grandmother Alberta, raised her from an infant.

Her biological Father, Dr. Reuben P. Anderson, Sr., continues as the pastor of his own church in Compton, California. Her soul music training was from James Brown, (Godfather), Bobby Byrd, (Step-father), and Vicki Anderson, (aka-Myra Barnes-biological Mother).


From 1974 to 1992, Carleen was as the opening act and understudy for Vicki Anderson, Marva Whitney and Lynn Collins, touring the US southern regions as well as across the UK and the EU with the Bobby Byrd and the JB All Stars band. From then, the sky was the limit.

Since 1974 she has recorded her first studio session with Johnny Winter, (brother to the famous Edgar Winter), she relocated to the UK and joined the Young Disciples who then released an album called “Road to Freedom”. The album included the dance floor hit, “Apparently Nothing”. Most people might appreciate the look of the early 90’s TOTP from the video of the song below.
She then signed to Virgin and released 2 solo albums with them, “True Spirit” and “Blessed Burdens” before releasing an independent album, “Alberta’s GrandDaughter”. She released another album “Soul Providence” by Dome Records.

She, currently, performs sold out residencies at the globally famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and she was the Head of the Vocal Department at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, where she taught vocal performance from 2002 to 2007. This association led to her performing for and meeting HRH, the Queen, in 2007, the same year in which Carleen was a presenter at the BBC Jazz Music Awards.

You can read more about Carleen Anderson on her website:

or keep in touch through social media:

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twitter –

Until the next time, let the music keep playing.

M, Bambooka.

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