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PEPE has been moving things along in Amasame and thanks to Ruth Van Cranenburgh the…

Atlas Mountains

PEPE has been moving things along in Amasame, Thanks to Ruth Van Cranenburgh the fundraising trek is scheduled for the 25th-30th september 2012 and it will be on Mount Ouanoukrim in Morocco. At the moment about 7 people are signed up to go with potential for another 3, our esteemed David Phillips is also confirmed to go.  It will be an adventurous and exciting trip and will all be for a good cause.

The work that Bambooka is doing with PEPE is one of the most important this year, the concept to give people in the region empowerment means a lot to them, this means they can run and manage their own business, something most charities find it hard to do.  Instead of donating to the country and just providing them with food and money, this pilot project, which will go ahead regardless of any outcome, PEPE will help them to help themselves, train them to plant on their land and maintain the plants and rich natural resources at their disposal. With only directional help from the charity, who plan to keep as much distance as productively necessary.  Bambooka feels this is the best route to take for a positive and long lasting outcome to the issues in this rich yet under utilized part of South Africa.   If you would like to find out more about the trek or participate, please don’t hesitate to go to this link and sign up Fund Raising Trek, this will give you information on how to sign up.       Pics courtesy of KE Adventure.


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